Academic Skills

When it comes to academics SuperCamp believes:

  1. Every child is capable of learning.
  2. People learn in different ways.
  3. Learning is most effective in a joyful, engaging, and challenging environment.

SuperCamp’s academic holiday camp curriculum provides students with valuable age/grade-specific learning skills that benefit them in all subject areas. SuperCamp uses the Quantum Learning system to facilitate effective learning aligned with the Common Core State Standards. SuperCamp is a comprehensive educational program based on 21st Century learning skills that educate the whole child.

Many learning models focus solely on instructional design, often neglecting factors that influence the quality of learning. Our Quantum Learning system provides students with the tools to achieve better comprehension and retention in all academic areas. The Quantum Learning system is an orchestration of the following core components:

  • A solid Foundation of alignment through clearly defined expectations, values and goals
  • An empowering Atmosphere where students feel safe and supported, exhibiting good character and experiencing a strong sense of belonging
  • Effective Design where lessons are created using elements that incorporate how the brain learns and retains content
  • Engaging Delivery that uses a multisensory approach and maximizes student participation and comprehension
  • A supportive classroom Environment that is inviting, comfortable, and stimulating

Life and Career Skills

When it comes to gaining new leadership and life skills at our SuperCamp programs, The 8 Keys of Excellence are the cornerstone. Success in all aspects of life depends on the individual. The 8 Keys of Excellence provide a framework for success in life. They guide students toward a positive future full of confidence, motivation, creativity, teamwork, and leadership. This set of principles to live by helps students gain a sense of who they are and what they stand for, which is a key aspect of becoming a great leader. Once learned, the 8 Keys of Excellence serve as an internal compass that guide students towards excellence in their daily lives.

There is more to learning than academics. As parents we know that the workplace has changed at a rapid pace as technology becomes more advanced. The world has become more and more reliant on technology and we need to prepare kids today for the jobs of tomorrow that haven’t even been created yet. To do this, we must to equip them with the right skill set to be successful in school, work and life.

Critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity (the four Cs) are part of the P21 Framework (Partnership for 21st Century Skills) and are important for the new Common Core State Standards. Students who attend SuperCamp are given real-life team-building opportunities to not only learn these skills, but also to apply them in a group of their peers.

Virtually every camper at SuperCamp benefits in one way or another from the life skills curriculum. The life skills training areas we cover include:

  • Establishing a code of character for personal excellence
  • Exploring 21st century career skills
  • Building communication and relationship strategies
  • Moving out of comfort zones
  • Understanding the character traits of a good leader
  • Developing realistic goals and motivation

SuperCamp is a unique academic and career preparation experience. Your child is put into a highly orchestrated positive environment that allows them to grow personally as well as academically. The curriculum is designed for each student to feel safe to express themselves, explore who they are, and connect with one another. As a result, SuperCamp students often form long-lasting friendships because they feel their peers understand who they really are inside and out.