Customized Training

Whether you’re a corporate business, an SME, a non-profit organization, or a group of any kind, our goal is to help your team realize they are better together. That “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

We offer customized experiential learning and training packages which include a variety of team bonding, team building, relationship building and collaboration activities.

Our experiential learning programs focus on critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, which are all  essential qualities for every team member to have in order to ensure success of the whole team, department or organization.  During our experiential learning programs, participants are given real-life team-building opportunities to not only learn these skills, but also to apply them with a group of their colleagues and ultimately carry the lessons back to the office with them.

We use the 8 Keys of Excellence as a foundation for all of our experiential learning experiences.   In one day, we can cover 2 – 3 of the 8 Keys and can tailor the program and the outcomes based on the client’s individual needs.

The following topics are taught and applied through each of the 8 Keys of Excellence as indicated:

The Key of INTEGRITYMatch your values with your behaviours.

  • Personal Integrity & Behaviours
  • Decision Making & Smart choices
  • Consistency & Moral Excellence
  • Personal & Societal Accountability
  • Time Integrity & Time Management
  • Respect & Understanding of Values, Rules & Laws
  • Respect for Self, Others and Property

The Key of FAILURE LEADS TO SUCCESS Learn from your mistakes.

  • Self Leadership
  • Overcoming Personal Failures
  • Decision Making & Problem Solving
  • Learning from the success of others: Modeling
  • Learning from the mistakes and failures of others
  • Listening & Following Instructions

The Key of SPEAK WITH GOOD PURPOSE – Speak honestly and kindly.

  • Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution Tools
  • Reconciliation Tools
  • Power of Words – what I say to myself, others, and what others say to me matters.
  • Introspective Reflection & Self Awareness
  • Emotional Intelligence – Think, feel, Say, Do

The Key of THIS IS IT Make the most of every moment.

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Confidence & Positive Self Image
  • Personal Growth & Risk Taking
  • Facing Fears & Stepping outside of their comfort zone
  • Maximizing Opportunities

The Key of COMMITMENTMake your dreams happen.

  • Commitments & Goals
  • Goals Setting Strategies
  • Team Building & Collaboration Activities
  • Overcoming Obstacles & Challenges
  • Dealing with Distractions & Defeat

The Key of OWNERSHIP – Take responsibility for your actions.

  • Personal, Civil and Societal Responsibility
  • Effects of blaming, justifying, self shaming & quitting
  • Taking Personal Ownership for:
    • Career/Profession
    • Faith/Religion/Spirituality
    • Friends
    • Family
    • Hobbies/Sports/Interests
    • Health: physical & emotional

The Key of FLEXIBILITYBe willing to do things differently.

  • Leadership Skills
  • Decision Making & Problem Solving
  • Creative, Cognitive & Critical Thinking
  • Paradigm Shifts & Reprogramming
  • Teamwork & collaboration
  • Listening Skills & Following Instructions

The Key of BALANCELive your best life.

  • Learning to Balance:
    • Career/Profession
    • Faith/Religion/Spirituality
    • Friends
    • Family
    • Hobbies/Sports/Interests
    • Health: physical & emotional