What do we look for?

Above and beyond having the ability and capacity to perform job responsibilities successfully, SuperCamp staff members possess a certain “Ness”. “Ness” can be defined as the set of unique experiences, skills, natural talents, perspective, and personality a staff member brings to their position. We are looking to hire the most confident, competent, and willing-to-grow candidates that combine the following qualities with their own natural “Ness”:

Professional: Coachable, Trustworthy, Team Oriented, Committed

Personal: Passionate, Playful, Inspiring, Personable, Engaging, Authentic

We are specifically looking for qualified candidates for the Position of Team Leader.

Team Leader Job Description

SuperCamp Team Leaders are the catalyst for team building and personal growth at SuperCamp. They encourage camp spirit and their “Ness” is comprised of the following qualities:

Professional: Strong Leader, Sound Judgment, Problem Solver, Positive Role Model, Collaborative

Personal: Enthusiastic, Mature, Self-Disciplined, Engaging, Responsible

Foundational Responsibilities

  • Be fully emotionally and mentally present during pre-camp staff training and camp
  • Be substance-free for the duration of your contract
  • Stay on premises for the entire time campers are there
  • Uphold SuperCamp agreements, values, and beliefs
  • Be a role model for campers and other staff members

Staff Responsibilities

  • Co-lead a team of 12-14 members (Campers aged 13 – 18)
  • Participate in all Team Leader staff meetings
  • Work as a staff team to accomplish logistical needs
  • Arrive early to all scheduled events
  • Live in a clean, well-kept accommodations

Camper Responsibilities

  • Supervise campers at all times
  • See that all students are in their rooms with their lights out, on time
  • Build relationships with students in an appropriate, fun way
  • Create trust and a safe place for campers to be open
  • Commit to do whatever it takes to create a safe and joyful learning environment
  • Create team spirit and bonding
  • Maintain camper emotional well-being
  • Facilitate effective conflict resolution between campers
  • Facilitate appropriate group discussions
  • Gently guide team members into participation
  • Perform entertaining skits
  • Run music in the main room and course rooms
  • Lead activities such as soccer, basketball, yoga, dance, chill time, or anything else you can come up with!
  • Be familiar with many games and activities
  • Evaluate team members at the end of camp

Job Requirements

  • At least 19 years old, or completed at least one academic year at a college or university
  • Vibrant and engaging
  • Willing to accept guidance, direction, and supervision from peers and leaders
  • Professional in your written and verbal communication
  • Sound judgment, able to effectively problem solve, and the ability to build rapport through your leadership
  • Posses Integrity, honesty, kindness, patience, and a genuine concern for others
  • Excited to work with children in an indoor/outdoor setting and live in a close-knit community
  • Experienced in working with youth (Preferred)


  • Available for Pre-Camp Staff Training
  • Available while camp is in session around the clock
  • Desire a long term relationship with SuperCamp Kenya and Live Learn Earn Return

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