What we do

We empower students to:

  • Raise grades
  • Sharpen study skills
  • Intensify focus
  • Take meaningful notes
  • Accelerate memorization speed
  • Read more efficiently and effectively
  • Improve test results
  • Elevate SAT and ACT scores
  • Improve social skills
  • Build self-confidence
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Enhance writing skills
  • Make math easier
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Resolve differences
  • Maintain positive relationships
  • Strengthen character
  • Increase motivation

All Students Benefit

All students—straight-A, struggling, or somewhere in between—benefit from SuperCamp in their own way. For some it’s purely academic, for others the growth is in the life skills area, for most it’s a combination of both. Over our 30 years of operating SuperCamp, we’ve identified four types of students who attend, and have found that each group benefits in a unique way.

  1. Straight-A High Achiever- With academic skills honed, these students gain a new understanding of how they learn best and how to study smarter rather than harder. These high achievers greatly benefit from SuperCamp’s ACT/SAT prep, leadership activities, and relationship-building exercises.
  2. Not Living Up to Full Potential- These kids do well in school by doing the bare minimum—with little effort, however, they could be in the straight-A high-achiever group. These students are simply not living up to their full potential. They have it in them to do more, but just don’t have the drive to push themselves to their limits. At SuperCamp these teens learn to take responsibility for their education and understand the value of putting in the extra effort to move up to that straight-A level.
  3. Under the Radar– These kids are not high achievers and they’re not failing—they simply go unnoticed because they’re “doing okay.” They work fairly hard to get Bs and Cs and the occasional A—they could, however, do better, and they know it, but they aren’t willing to put in the extra time and effort required. Through their experience of repeated success moments at SuperCamp, these teens realize that with a little effort they can achieve more, and they’re motivated to move in that direction. Their exposure to leadership, barrier breaking, and new learning strategies helps them rise to the next level.
  4. Struggling- These students have fallen into a negative pattern. Their self-talk consists of “I can’t, I don’t know how, I don’t have support.” Every class, every test, every year is a challenge. At SuperCamp struggling students benefit greatly from specific academic techniques such as Quantum Writing, Quantum Reading and Quantum Strategies, and gain confidence in their ability to succeed. They learn how to change their language to “yes I can, here is how I can do it, and I have the tools to be successful.”

The parents of students in all of these groups feel a great sense of relief when they return from SuperCamp—they’re more well-rounded, more motivated, more confident, and more capable. Their teens are taking responsibility for their learning—and the pressure’s off the parents!

The success of SuperCamp is based on an integrated system of proven teaching practices. One of those is our Quantum Learning Success Model, an approach that’s based on extremely effective and well-researched behavior transformation techniques. Every academic, life skill, communication, team and leadership experience we orchestrate for students is designed to create “success moments.” When adolescents experience these success moments over and over and over again, as they do at SuperCamp, they develop higher levels of competence in learning skills and life skills, which, in turn, yields greater levels of confidence. This systematic progression—success to competence to confidence—is the basis of the intrinsic motivation your child requires to be an independent, innovative, and successful individual.

Real Results

SuperCamp has inspired more than 65,000 students from 85 countries to become better learners and increase their grades, confidence and motivation. We continue to be amazed by the students in our programs with more than 30 years of excellence to show for it. Increased Grades and Test Scores

SuperCamp graduates see outstanding improvements in their grades and standardized test scores by using the skills they learn at camp. Our research shows:

  • 73 percent of students increase their grades.
  • Students average 100-point increases on their SAT scores.
  • 77 percent of graduates have gone directly to a four-year college after high school. (Note: The national average is 46 percent.)
  • Better Relationships and Self-esteem
  • Beyond academics, graduates experience a shift in their relationships and confidence at home and at school.
  • 77 percent report an improvement in family relationships
  • 93 percent improve peer relationships
  • 81 percent feel more confident in their daily lives
  • 84 percent feel their self-esteem was higher

Many parents tell us that their child pleaded with them … “please don’t send me to an academic summer camp.” At the end of their stay the majority say, “thank you mom and dad for sending me here. I never knew I had so much potential.”